Arashia Seniji Arashia

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Basic Details

Species: Dragon
Sex: Shemale
Orientation: Omnisexual
Place of birth: Tokyo, Japan


Height: 1,93 m
Weight: 82 kg



Arashia is a young dragon born in Japan's capital, Tokyo. Untill his teenage-years, he was a proud student and had average grades at his school. However, during his graduation year, he was confronted with an identity crisis which caused him to re-think how he felt and what he felt - which ultimatively ended up in him deciding to cross genders: He felt between male and female; female because of how his hair grew and how he felt about his mentality, but male since he was rather strong and had gotten out of bully's way by punching them (really good). Therefore, he decided to have him a set of breasts transplanted and leave it that way. His body accepted those very, VERY well and soon, more advanced transplants and additions could be made, up to the point that he is now a full-on "shemale", biologicaly.

He doesn't mind the pronoun used - he, shi or plain she, anything will work. Except for "it" - he does think of himself as being averagely accomplished, looking happily into his future. Thus, "it" sounds like referencing a liveless someone, which he clearly is not.

His attitude is friendly and open, but he is a little bit shy in terms of sexuality. In fact, he is very meek in this regard and has a hard time deciding what to do in this regard.


  • Friends
  • Sake (makes him incredibly ditzy and unintentionally flirty)
  • Drawing (he is a mangaka by hobby)


  • Being forced into groups of people (he does not like "people-people" that much).
  • Being constantly pestered about his gender choice.
  • Being stared at (he will blush incredibly quick - not because he is afraid of his body, but isn't used to being looked at himself "like this").

Drawn by Aphrodite Draco (aka. InannaWDraco)

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