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Basic Details

Species: Dragonborne
Sex: Female
Orientation: Omnisexual
Birthday: 1995-02-13


Height: 2 meters
Eye color: purple
Hair color: black
Hair length: short


Clothing: Armor


Condition: Raging
Alignment: Neutral
Sub-Alignment: Middle
Type: Lightful being
Status: Good



Enslaved since she was young, taken from her burning village and forced to do what she was told. When the warning bells of an oncoming attack started rigging she was left alone. Then she seen him, a great dragon flying over head, an emerald destroying the people that hurt her. She was about to be captured once again, but she wanted to be free like the one flying though the sky's. She attacked, killing her oppressors with lightning and moving from place to place faster then their eyes could see. So she killed to try and free her self, until she was face to face with the larger dragon. She attacked him anyways, she needed to be free and was willing to do anything to be free. She hit the larger dragon with everything she got and all he did was flick his tail and knocked the smaller dragonborne out. When she woke up she seen the larger dragon looking over the burning city, she cried and watched the city burn. She followed him as he got up and started to walk away, and after a while he asked her. "My girl, do you want to be strong?" After that she called him Father.

Additional description

"Me? I am a dragonborne, I don't remember what my name was before I was enslaved. Father gave me the name Mahgenta, I think it is because of my dark red scales. I am just over two meters, I like spicy food, and I love the color green." "I wish I had the same color purple eyes as my Father but his are far more brighter then mine. Other then that I am really good at lighting magic and a bit of healing." "It's weird how Father knows when I am crying, he will come over and tell me everything is alright. I think he has been though the same things."


Spicy food, moose, glass, the color green, emerald, gold, money.



Dominant/Submissive: Dominant
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