Alesaeuiesuia Ale, Blight, Suia

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Basic Details

Species: Althrukran
Sex: Herm
Orientation: Not Interested
Place of birth: Terlia


Height: 17' (518 cm)
Weight: 490 Lbs (222 Kilogram)
Eye color: Red and Green (right and left)
Eye style: Human-esque
Hair color: N/A
Hair style: N/A
Hair length: N/A


Makeup: Never
Clothing: Unwearable
Additional appearance details: Darker then in the image


Condition: Sad
Alignment: Neutral
Sub-Alignment: Chaotic
Type: Lightful being
Status: Good


Additional description

-6 limbs (2 legs, 4 arms)// -4 Rear toes// -3 front toes// -3 fingers// -Left eye Green, Right eye Red// -4 wings// -17 feet tall// -379 years old Lightweight (relative)// 490 Lb.// Weak// Fast// Quiet Magical Abilities: Decay (When they stare to long at something it turns to Dirt or Ash) `~ uncontrollable// Warp (teleports anywhere they've been before) `~ Controllable (through voice)// Invisibility `~ Controllable (through voice)// Shrink `~ semi-Controllable `~can only become tiny `~goes back to normal after a while though Colorblind Oranges and Reds appear green greens appear normal Yellow doesn't Blues and purples are normal


Eating Sleeping Playing Hunting


Sexually Aggressive "people" Humans Magic


Friendships// Gitouiesuia (Rave) ,Itsy Family// Gitouiesuia (Rave) Lovers// N/A


Dominant/Submissive: Dominant
Additional adult description: -2 Penises (green {rear} (11-22 inches), Pale-Pink {front} (16.5-33 inches) //-2 Vaginas (same relative positions, light red color) //-1 Cloaca (Behind Smaller (rear) Penis) //-medium breasts size (Relativaly)

just ask me bout stuff if you care

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