The Covenant Coven

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Basic Details

Species: Covenant
Sex: Gendershifter
Orientation: Omnisexual
Place of birth: Montauk Foundation Space Station


Height: Variable. Sergal form 7', zerg form 11'6"
Weight: Variable. Sergal form 117kg, zerg form 335kg
Eye color: Glowing white and grey.
Eye style: Grey rings decorate the eye similar to the Rinnegan.
Hair color: Variable. Serg form dark blue with bright blue gradient at the end. Zerg form has tendrils in place of hair.
Hair style: Sergal form's mane is kept in a simple straight style.
Hair length: Reaches below the base of their neck.


Makeup: Coven doesn't wear makeup, but their body is often decorated by natural patterns.
Clothing: Any clothing they wear are actually growths that resemble clothing. In their sergal visage, they prefer to 'wear' a black longcoat, a dark grey croptop and light grey skintight pants.
Additional appearance details: They never perfectly copy the appearance of their form's origin; they always make their own improvements to it. While colour distribution can vary, they can only assume a limited pallet of black and white with red patterns and blue gradients.


Condition: Depressed
Alignment: Neutral
Sub-Alignment: Chaotic
Type: Darkness' being
Status: Good



Coventore is a lab spawn. They were created by fusing seven different people, each powerful in different ways, into one being. The result was an immortal, shapeshifting amalgamate who can adapt to any situation, physically, mentally and biologically. Meant to be a truly peerless beast of war, but being fused from seven different individuals resulted in their unstable mental health. They were kept in the facility for twenty-five years, along with others like them, before the facility was attacked. They and many others used the chaos to escape. Ever since then, Coven had been wandering the universe onboard the ship they escaped on. The Roanoke. Immortal, they had survived the test of time. They have suffered countless pain and injury that could end the toughest men. They had seen lives, civilizations and worlds rise and fall before their eyes, and they hated it. To them, their immortality is a terrible curse; to be burdened by outliving friends, places and purposes, to suffer the pains of life without the respite of death. Were it not for their familiar Constance, they would've gone ferally insane a long time ago. Fifty thousand years later, they still travel the stars, gathering what little scraps of joy, pleasure and purpose the dying universe has left to offer them.

Additional description

Coven gains their forms from assimilating the bodies of others, living or dead. They almost exclusively prey on the dead for this end, as they do not desire to kill without a good reason. The way they shapeshift is very similar to The Thing. They're considered clinically insane, but their madness manifests in a way that they still seem sane most of the time. They have immense power and an unimaginably vast moveset that ranges from creating new life within their body, changing the element they wield or commanding the black sands of an ancient desert. However, their book of abilities is so vast, they never remember any of them until they really need to. Their ability to mutate is owed to a rare substance called SOMA gel, an extremely rare black goo whose physical qualities are akin to molten plastic. SOMA gel is a powerful mutagen. No matter what form they take, they often show some dog-like behaviours, like yelping and whining when hurt or sad, and instinctively getting down on all four to shake themselves dry.


*Hoarding Treasures. *Good companionship. *Obtaining new bodies. *Gathering essence from bizarre creatures. *Soft and fluffy things. *Watery environments. *Tranquil environments. *Nature and animals.


*Their immortality. *Betrayal. *Urban environments.


*Constance is Coven's beloved and loyal familiar. Because of their master-familiar bond, Constance was able to survive the test of time with him. She's the main reason they hadn't gone feral. *Coven had a lover named Chynstixx, an altreus dragon and a Wyrd scholar. She passed away five thousand years ago, but she later returned to him as a spectre. She knew they could not join her in death, so she reunited with them in life. *They have met the thirteen Eternals at least once. They especially have a known relationship with Varrendel, the goddess of death and endings. *Citadel and Luanaa are montauk experimentals just like Coven, and they see each other as old friends. *Taketzu had pledged his fealty to them from losing a duel, and serves as their vassal of sort. But Coven's understanding gradually got him to view them as a friend.


Dominant/Submissive: Submissive
Additional adult description: They can grow any extra parts on the fly. They also have a strange joy for lactating, and will gladly keep their partner well fed. They can also obtain essence from intercourse, and it is one of their prefered methods of doing so as it does not cause harm.

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