About this place...

This is Dragon's Inn, a small and little, but often very confy community to hang out and talk - and also to roleplay. Many of the people that are going to this place are roleplayers - in bothl anguages even, German and English.

It all had started years ago, when me - Ingwie Phoenix - and a few friends wanted a little more privacy when chatting and RPing. Some of us weren't even fitting with the chat - undarage and what-not. So this place has existed since about two, could be more, years and has been administrated and maintained entirely by me. I am a one-man dev-team, and doing this all in my free time.

While bigger sites have entire teams, I have been on my own eversince. I learned PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript on my long way, and today I can present you a software which I like to call "BIRD2". BIRD was a random name with a broken english, that I made ("Bring it right down"). But I have kept the name, and today I can proudly reffer to a very nicely coded piece of software. Toumal (from SoFurry) has given me many informations about a framework, called Yii. I was new to frameworks... And over a year now, I have created this site - all, alone.

Although I wouldn't mind some help. So if you are good at coding in any web language, Please let me know - I appreciate every help I can have!

Regards, Ingwie Phoenix.

The team

The current admins/mods: I'm not planning any recruting currently.